SEO Plan Recover Google Update

6 Step SEO Plan to Recover from Google Update:

  1. Brand Stacking: Refers to Building High End Contextual Links with a Company’s Brand Name & Brand Url.
  2. Anchor text Dilution: Refers to Creating High Quality Contextual Back links for Non SEO Keywords like Click Now, Click here,, & Keyphrases that are readable and are in proper English for example Links will be built for Doctors in Philadelphia & NOT Doctors Philadelphia
  3. Link Pruning: Refers to the identification and removal of unnatural, non-organic, or generally spammy links.
  4. Deoptimization: Refers to Modifying Meta Tags, Modifying/Removing Page Content & Image Alt tags with intent to lower the keyword densities.
  5. PR Prism Creation: Refers to Creation of High end PR’s that gets picked up by Google News thereby helping immensely with Link Baiting & Improving Social Signals.
  6. Reconsideration: Refers to Filing a Reconsideration Request to Google explaining them of what all activities we have done to recover from the penalty imposed.

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