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Complete the form below or call us on US (Toll Free) +1-888-322-7617 USA: 646-688-5525 | UK: +44-161-870-6437 | AU: +61-261-452-356 | India: +91 (0)1204338720

Dramatically Improve the Performance of Websites on Mobile with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

As the world has gone mobile, everyone wants to get information at lighting fast speed. But, in many cases, it takes several seconds for a website to run on mobile. As a result of latency, 40% of the mobile users ignore such time-taking websites, and switch to the one that provides them the right information instantly. In order to reduce the time, and maintain users’ interest, Google has introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages in its mobile search results. The main objective of Google for launching AMP pages is to provide faster, more engaging mobile web experience to time constraint users.

Officially launched on 24th February 2016, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open source Google-backed project that dramatically improves the performance of websites on mobile. Generally HTML pages, AMP is a way to create fast rendering web pages for a static content. These pages encompass three different approaches, such as AMP HTML, AMP JS, and Google AMP Cache. The announcement of making AMP live in mobile results was made by Google in October 2015. Since then, nearly 6,000 developers from 33 countries joined Google, while AMP for ‘thousands of sites’ was submitted, giving a prompt reply to this open-source project.

As per Google, the websites having AMPs will get maximum exposure on search results as compared to those who doesn’t have AMPs. No matter what sort of websites one have, the Accelerated Mobile Pages are sure to dominate mobile search results. Be it an e-commerce, entertainment, travel, recipe sites or any other, with AMPs individuals can be rest assured of achieving top position on Google’s mobile search engine results. It is flexible, responsive, and can be used for building entire site, but the reality is that AMP doesn’t support all pages and user experiences. So don’t take long to create an AMP for your website, get in touch with Profit by Search for a better user experience, and more traffic.

At Profit By Search we specialize in helping clients revoke Manual Spam Action due to Un-Natural Links and recover from Panda & Penguin Penalties.

We use following steps to Revoke Manual Spam Action due to Un-Natural Links:

  1. We commence a comprehensive Link Pruning campaign which Refers to the identification and removal of unnatural, non-organic, or generally spammy links.
  2. First we go ahead and send requests to the webmasters for the first time to remove our link from their website
  3. For webmasters who still don’t remove links in our first request, We send a second reminder after 2-3 weeks
  4. Then followed by a 3rd reminder after 4-6 weeks
  5. So when we are certain that webmaster is not removing links even after 3 requests, its then we go ahead list them in the disavow sheet.
  6. Apart from these links, we always find 20%-25% of links that we are unable to remove as they are coming from blog comments, from doorway websites, from link farms etc. so we include them to in disavow sheet and then upload it to Google’s recently launched Disavow power tool.
  7. Its then we file a reconsideration and put a link of our effort via google drive and also mention that we have filed a disavow list for the links that were unable to remove for their review
  8. A combination of the above activities help us in getting a successful revoke of Manual Spam action caused due to Un-Natural Links

We use following steps to Recover from Panda & Penguin Update:

  1. Troubleshoot: We troubleshoot the cause of the drop with the help of your Google Webmaster Tools and match the dates of your impression drop in your GWT with the panda/penguin update calendar to ascertain the exact version and also file a Reconsideration Request to Google to check if there could also be a manual spam action along with panda/penguin penalties, followed by
  2. Content Duplication: Refers to process where we identify duplicate content in your website using services like copy scape and by doing exact match searches of your website content.
  3. Brand Stacking: Refers to Building High End Contextual Links with a Company’s Brand Name & Brand Url.
  4. Anchor text Dilution: Refers to Creating High Quality Contextual Back links for Non SEO Keywords like Click Now, Click here,, & Keyphrases that are readable and are in proper English for example Links will be built for Doctors in Philadelphia & NOT Doctors Philadelphia
  5. Link Pruning: Refers to the identification and removal of unnatural, non-organic, or generally spammy links.
  6. De-Optimization: Refers to Modifying Meta Tags, Modifying/Removing Page Content & Image Alt tags with intent to lower the keyword densities.
  7. User Generated Content (UGC): Refers to the process of adding client testimonials & product reviews along with start ratings.
  8. Rich Snippets: Refers to the process of Rich Snippets for Reviews, Products, Events added.
  9. PR Prism Creation: Refers to Creation of High end PR’s that gets picked up by Google News thereby helping immensely with Link Baiting & Improving Social Signals.


Importance of Ranking on Page 1 of Search Engine’s?

At Profit By Search, We Believe If Your Website Keywords Ranks on Page 1 of Search Engine’s like Google, Yahoo & Bing, Results can be better than Super Bowl ads, Airport Billboards, Magazine Inserts and Blimps. But drop to page two and you might as well be invisible, As per a study by in 2011 said that “only 17% of searchers bothered to move past the first page of their search results.” Thereby Profit By Search concludes that, Keywords Ranking on or beyond Page 2 is good for tracking trends but has almost no business value.

Now you must be wondering of How your Website can Rank on Page 1 of Search Engines?, Isn’t That the million dollar question, right?

Answer to this Million Dollar Question is a technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that employs a combination of factors to help your website achieve higher rankings in major search engines organically.

Let us shed some light on these Combination of factors, We primarily Divide these Factors into 2 Main Categories, On Page Optimization Factors & Off Page Optimization Factors, and following are the activities that fall into each of these categories.

On Page Optimization Activities

  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Content Optimization
  • Internal Linking structure Changes
  • URL Structure Changes
  • Site-map updating / creation
  • Keyword URL Mapping
  • Creation of Meta Information
  • Title tag (LSI Based)
  • Description tag (LSI Based)
  • Alt tags (LSI Based)
  • HTML Coding, Validation & Correction
  • H1, H2 & Strong tags
  • Canonical Issue Check
  • Error 404 page optimization
  • Xml Sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • URL Architecture
  • Google, Bing & YAHOO Site map Authentication

Off Page Optimization Activities

  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Commenting
  • Posting Stories in relevant blog websites
  • Submitting Articles in relevant article websites
  • Press Releases in relevant press releases website
  • RSS feed generation and submissions
  • Review Submissions
  • Q & A Submissions
  • Video Submissions (Video Provided by Client)
  • E-Book Submissions
  • Social Networking
  • 3 Way links
  • 1 way links

If you get the above factors right, then this would cement your Website Rankings on Page 1 of all the Major Search Engines. But If you don’t have the time or expertise to Manage your SEO Campaign then you Can Choose one of Our SEO Plans where one of Our SEO Experts will manage your SEO Campaign and will ensure Page 1 listings for all your selected Keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an industry where no one can guarantee #1 position in search engine results pages. If someone does so, all the so called “Expert” is trying to sell you is ‘snake charm oil’. What we assure you of, based upon our over a decade of experience, is page 1, top 5 or top 3 positions for your targeted keywords. Moreover, if we don’t get you the promised positions within the stipulated period of time, our best brains will continue working on the project free of charge for up to a period of six month till we position your keywords at the top of search results. See SEO Results of some of our clients.

SEO India has always been synonymous with Profit By Search- #1 SEO Company india (Delhi Based SEO Company)

The Keyword SEO India has always been synonymous with Profit By Search as we have been Rated as #1 SEO Company India for 7 years in a row by the SEO recognizing body of India and Now google too has extended its solidarity with India’s #1 SEO Company India i.e. Profit By Search because if you search for SEO India on Google, On the First Result Page you will see that Google is Now Suggesting Profit By Search Under ‘Searches related to seo services india’ along with 2 other results in the following format:

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We Thank you Google for Above.

They say, “It is not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically re-engineer the website so that it becomes an eagle”. This is what Profit By Search, an Indian SEO company does to make your business fly to the echelons of success.

It won’t be unfair to say, that SEO India companies are dime-a-dozen. Do a quick Google search for “SEO Services India” and you’ll find thousands of companies, some legitimate, some not, vying for your hard earned cash. The good ones are prospering due to the only reason of being a very reasonable, efficient, and cost-effective method to promote your business. Indeed, it is very important for any company to stand in the top of organic search listings which can mean ‘BIG BUCKS’ in its revenues. And for this, more essential is the effective search engine optimisation of its online presence, that will help it to reach millions of internet users who are surfing it for the sake of buying even the merest of items.

One of the premier providers of SEO Services India, we at Profit By Search not only serve the purpose of increasing your website’s visibility on the search engines, but also help you solve various technical problems of a website like providing you with unique content to keep your website from getting slapped by the Google Panda, improvise on methods to improve your lost rankings, help you fight better with the bounce rates, maximize your rate of return on investment for your advertising budget and many such services.

SEO should be a part of every websites marketing mix, We deliver results for companies around the world so if you want Profit By Search India’s #1 SEO Company to help with your big plans then we’d love to chat about India’s Finest SEO Services Offering.

Profit By Search has also recently partnered with Appy Pie, An award winning App Builder to offer App Promotion Plans.

Live Client Results

  • Keywords
  • Base Line Ranking
  • Current Ranking
  • Search Engine
  • Curtains Online
  • 98
  • 4
  • Discount Curtains
  • 76
  • 5
  • Discount Curtain
  • 45
  • 4
  • Ascot Valance
  • 62
  • 1
  • Tassel Valance
  • 58
  • 1

  • Keywords
  • Base Line Ranking
  • Current Ranking
  • Search Engine
  • App Builder
  • -
  • 1
  • App Creator
  • -
  • 2
  • Android App Builder
  • -
  • 1
  • Mobile App Builder
  • -
  • 2
  • App Builder Software
  • -
  • 1

  • Keywords
  • Base Line Ranking
  • Current Ranking
  • Search Engine
  • Promotional Pens
  • 57
  • 1

  • Keywords
  • Base Line Ranking
  • Current Ranking
  • Search Engine
  • Bottle suppliers
  • -
  • 1
  • Spirit bottles
  • -
  • 5

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  • Vast Experience-With six years of experience and over 300 satisfied clients spread across the globe, we stand as one of the most competent companies in the SEM industry committed to deliver the best services
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#1 SEO India Company Specializing in SEO Services India.

About Profit By Search

If you are looking for a Search Engine Marketing agency, you’ll almost certainly be comparing us with several others. Selecting the right Search Engine Marketing partner is an important strategic decision, and you need to be sure that your choice is capable of delivering your online goals.

Why Profit By Search

At Profit By Search, four key elements of our DNA make us stand out. We know that for most clients what really count’s is increased sales and improved ROI, and these four crucial differences, that stand’s us apart from our competitors.

Careers at Profit By Search

Work Culture Profit By Search has never desired to be looked upon as a conventional work place. We understand that every employee is an individual and will have something unique to say and contribute. Therefore, we try to keep our culture encouraging & corporate hierarchy is something we have tried to keep at bay.

Ask an Expert

    • A quality SEO company offers following:-
      Does not offer Guarantees- This is tough for one to swallow, but with Google changing their algorithms constantly, there are no guarantees in SEO.
      Upfront about length of time- It takes at least 3 months to get a really good ranking in the search engines. A good SEO company should set that expectation up in the beginning. Good and clean SEO takes time.
      Carefully picks out keywords- Keyword research is vital in getting a return on investment with SEO. If no one is searching for your keyword phrase, you will not get business from searches. Your SEO Company should help guide you in picking keywords that actually have search volume.
      I hope this helps in your decision making process while choosing a SEO company for your business.

    • Yes, we are a Google certified entity. Feel free to look at our Google verified credentials, nature of business we have catered to through our PPC services and the countries we have serviced here at;idtf=011674667753132401407.
      Besides this, PBS’s team of Google analytics professionals carry out the Google Analytics Implementation and Data Analysis after discerning client’s business to generate the desired ROI for them.

    • As link building is crucial in getting good links to the website and boosting its ranking on search engines, link removal helps you to get rid of bad links which bogs down the ranking of a website. Once a website is tagged for unnatural links, their rankings on search engine pages, shows a dramatic decline and it can be drastic if not pinned down and removed at the right time.

      Our link removal experts are proficient in dealing with the bad links. We have a properly designed process in place to identify unnatural links or spam links that are pointed to your website, and starts the process to remove as soon as possible. Our recovery experts check your website for any issues with unnatural links or spam links can correct or remove it before it plays an important role in the decline of the ranking. We make sure that all the bad links are removed and your website is again ready for optimization process on major search engine channels. So, in a way it removes the hurdles that might be stopping your website to achieve higher rankings.

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