Search Engine Giant to Display Search Results Based on User’s Location on Mobile Web, Google App for iOS and Desktop

The Google dance is on. Yes, you got it right! Search engine giant has once again updated its algorithm for mobile web, Google app for iOS, and desktop search and maps. Now, this popular search engine will be displaying search results based on user’s location, however users will still have the option to change their search settings for selecting a country service.

This means, Google is changing the way it labels country services on mobile web, its iOS app, and desktop. Google’s justification behind this move is, since one in five searches is location-based, so to improve the relevancy of search results, they will not be using the country code top level domain name (ccTLD) to indicate the country of service. As per search engine giant, now the search results will be showcased default to the country where the user is performing the search.

Elaborating more about this new update, one of their representatives wrote on Google Search Blog, “So if you live in Australia, you’ll automatically receive the country service for Australia, but when you travel to New Zealand, your results will switch automatically to the country service for New Zealand. Upon return to Australia, you will seamlessly revert back to the Australian country service.”



Though users will see search results based on their location, still there is a slight twist. According to search engine giant, simply entering the relevant ccTLD into a browser will not reflect various country services, instead users need to select the specific country service from their search settings to see the country they want.

Further briefing about this update, Google’s representative wrote, “This preference should be managed directly in settings. In addition, at the bottom of the search results page, you can clearly see which country service you are currently using.”

Mentioning more about their latest update, their representative wrote, “This latest update will improve the search experience by automatically providing users the most useful information based on their search query and other context, including location.”

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