New DSA categories to be applied in recommended bids automatically in AdWords

Search engine giant, Google, recently introduced a new feature in Google AdWords that will automatically apply recommended bids when setting up categories in AdWords dynamic search ad (DSA) campaigns.

A few days back, Google clarified marketers about their new roll out of bidding in AdWords. With this update, Google AdWords will now automatically apply recommended bids in dynamic search ad (DSA) campaigns while setting up the categories.

It looks terrifying, but marketers will have the opportunity to override these automated recommended bids when it comes to setting up new categories.

Through this new feature, marketers will get benefitted in easily setting up a lot of dynamics search ad categories quickly and efficiently, without any hassle.

Talking more about this new feature, one of the representatives of Google stated, “For example, if you have four categories selected: “sandals,” “running shoes,” “loafers,” and “flip flops,” you no longer have to manually set bids for each one. You can also adjust recommended bids or leave the field empty to use the ad group’s default bid.”

These automatic bid recommendations are based on the performance of the existing keywords that target similar search queries. This means that the bid recommendations are based on the Google AdWords account activities and thus needs to be absolutely reviewed by the marketers before launching the new campaign. Besides this, individuals will also have the opportunity to review everything and adjust bid as per their needs. Here is the picture showing this new feature of Google AdWords.

Google-Auto-Bid-Recommendations-Dynamic-Search-Ads 1



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