Easy Steps to Optimize Joomla Site

First of all we need SEO friendly URLS; this means the URLs should be in readable text format that contains your keywords. This will help you to better index your site in search engines as well as easier to remember.

Basic Technical needs to optimize Joomla Site:



To get this implemented in Joomla you have to do following things:

  1. Joomla SEO on Apache and .htaccess
  2. Install a SEF Component
      1. Joomla SEO on Apache and .htaccess
      • First thing you require having a hosting platform based on Apache server and with the MOD_Rewrite turned on.

You can check this in Joomla itself from the administrator backend.
Go to menu item “system” then “System Info” and then the Tab PHP Info.
If you scroll down you will find a section called Apache, Loaded Modules.

Note: If in doubt, ask you Hosting Provider Support team, they can turn it on for you as wel

      • Login through your FTP program and look for htacces.txt file.
        Then rename the file htaccess.txt to .htaccess.

When everything ready?

      • Joomla Global Configuration Setting.

Go to the admin section and go to the Global Configuration.
There is a Tab that is called SEO.
On that Tab there are two options:
Search Engine Friendly URLs: Yes/No (check it to Yes).
Dynamic Page Titles: Yes/No (check it to No)

      • Now view your website in a new screen and click on some of your menu and content items.
        You should get URLs like http://www.yourdomain.com/services/web-design.html

If your get 500 errors, that means your .htaccess is wrong, try again.

If you got the right URLs? Than it’s the time to go for next step.

      1. Install a Joomla SEF Component
        • Now install sh404SEF component from Installers >> Component >> Browse >> Upload file & Install.
        • Then go to Module >> Site Module >> (Publish sh404SEF module)

Now you have the module to edit URLs, and you can add custom Meta tags to each page.

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