X-Robots-Tag in HTTP Header

Robots Meta tag is implemented to control the crawling and indexing of that particular page. But in some cases, the implementation of a Robots Meta tag is not possible. The reasons can be

  • a) The file type is non-HTML. Meta Robots tag can’t be implemented .doc, .pdf, .xls, video or audio files.
  • b) where the editing of the code or content of an HTML file is not possible.
  • c) Sites with large amounts of changing content, where updating individual files is too hard or expensive.

In such a case, X-Robots-Tag is the solution. An X-Robots-Tag is an element in HTTP header which can contain same values as the Robots META tags.
This can be done using by sever-side tools so that this information is generated by web server.
Given below is the example to avoid indexing .doc files through .htaccess.

Header set X-Robots-Tag “NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”

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