Video Indexing – Best Way To Make Your Videos Visible In Google

If anyone’s website has lots of videos, and the user wants them to be in the Google search results, then this work is lot easier now. In a recent announcement from Google, it was conveyed that Video Sitemap is the single most efficient and powerful tool to make the videos appear in the search results.

Video Sitemaps can be termed as a location where all the crucial information about the videos are located. Data such as title of the videos, duration, keywords, thumbnail images, URL pointing to other location of the videos and similar information are stored in the Video Sitemap. Additional information like the period of time for which a particular video is available for viewing can also be included in the Video sitemap.

Webmasters can easily create a video map for all the videos and update the URL of this sitemap in the webmasters tool or through robots.txt file. Once this has been done, these videos can be easily displayed in the Google search results via Video Onebox which is an assortment of various videos with similar subject. Google Videos also displays the videos which have been updated with Video sitemap.

Due to its versatility and diverse usage, webmasters are strongly recommended to use the Video Sitemap feature for easy display of videos in Google search results. Additionally, the Video sitemap should be regularly updated with newer content to make them more dynamic. Google’s WebmasterCentral blog can provide a detailed information regarding this new feature. Need help creating a video sitemap? Contact SEO India Company, Profit By Search Today.


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