Tracking More than 4 Conversions

Tracking More than 4 Conversions (Goals) in Google Analytics

Analytics is a very useful and absolutely free tool provided by Google. But you can only track a maximum of 4 goals (conversions) in a profile. By using following methods, you can track more than 4 Goals (Conversions) in Google Analytics.

  1. Comparing content stats (URLS) in Google Analytics:
    This is the easiest way to find out the goal conversions of a site. When we setup an analytics profile, we add analytics code to every page of site. In result Google tracks visitors of all those pages where code is added.So if we have more than 4 goals to check this is how to do it:

    • From the Dashboard page, click on “Content” in the left navigation.
    • Click on “View Full Report” at the bottom of the “Top Content” section to see a full list of the URLs on your site that were tracked.
    • Search for the relevant URL in the search box.
    • Now you can use these stats to compare conversion rates.


  2. Setting up additional profiles for the same site:

Although Google don’t tell us why they limit the tracking to only four goals, they do tell us that if we need more, we should configure another profile for the site and set up additional goals in that account.How to set up a duplicate profile in Google Analytics:

You will now see your new profile listed on the Analytics settings page. Click on “check status” to be taken to the tracking code page. You don’t have to add any extra code as the replica profile will pick up the existing Google Analytics code on your site – so just click “finish”. Analytics will then wait for the data, which can take up to 24 hours.

You now have two identical profiles tracking the same URLs. Now you can set up four new conversion goals in your new profile. If you need more than 8 goals, you will have to set up a third profile, and so on.

This method is a much better fix than the first one but I still find it very strange that you have to set up a whole extra profile to track all your goals within Google Analytics.

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