Top Ten reasons Why Google May Penalize you

Grounds on which Google may penalize you

Google Penalty is the practice of black listing a specified site or blog. It is examined as a very big penalty for webmasters and is done to keep the Internet clean and free of awful sites. There are many justifications which may trigger a Google Penalty and I have tried my utmost to clarify each one of them below. To assure your blog does not get reprimanded by Google make sure you read all of them and avert perpetrating them.

  1. Short-Term Domain Registration
    This is one of the most contentious justifications that support the fact of Google Penalty. Google might penalize you in a sense if you run your blog on a domain that has been listed for just one year. The reason is that majority of the scam, deception and spam domains only get listed for one year and Google has less faith on short-term domains so you may receive lower search engine ranking positions. Good way to overcome this is to register your domain for a long-term.
  2. Duplicate Content
    Most of the bloggers are already conscious of the replicate content penalty by Google. Google may penalize your entire blog or some of your pages because of replicate content. Not that you composed them purposely but furthermore if you similar post content in your categories and archives. Notsoboringlife has a outstanding article that can save your blog from being reprimanded by Google this way.
  3. Link Buying/Selling
    MattCutts, who is a Google Engineer, gave a short interpretation some time ago on how selling paid links on your blog can cause Google to devalue your blog. Moreover buying links just for the sake of maximizing Pagerank is also examined as an evil activity and is not acknowledged by Google. Checkout how Google can apprehend your paid links.
  4. Hidden Text or Hidden Links
    Google does not like concealed text or hidden links on your blog. Buried links or hidden text can effortlessly be composed by wrapping them around a zero font tag or by using the display:hidden css property. Even if you code the links/text to be the same color as that of their background afterward they are examined as hidden by Google and this procedure may lead you to a ban.
  5. Excessive Use of Keywords
    Google likes keywords that are applicable to your blog content or post content. If you have a technology blog it is not essential for you to add the keyword “technology” in all of your blog posts. Only use keywords that are at most applicable to your article/content. Using inappropriate or unnatural keywords can give you a penalty.
  6. Automated Redirects or Doorway Pages
    Google has less admiration for sneaky or doubtful redirects. Those pages which just offer a doorway to other web pages and exercise automated redirects can be excluded by Google at once. These pages bewilder the search engine and are highly ostracized by Google. Using a Mod Rewrite rule or a 301 Permanent Redirect is a good procedure to save yourself for this kind of penalty.
  7. Linking To Banned Sites
    In the actual world you are recognized by your community. The same rule is pursued by Google on the Internet. If you time and again link to sites that have a Zero Pagerank or are themselves excluded by Google then Google may furthermore eliminate you too from its good books list.
  8. Getting Linked By Bad Sites
    Make certain you don’t exchange links with sites that have a Zero Pagerank. Scam sites, online phishing sites and other deception sites can get you reprimanded by Google if they keep on linking to you.
  9. Violate Google Webmaster Guidelines
    I don’t believe there is much to state about it. It is appreciated that Google will ostracize you if you do not comply with their Google Webmaster Guidelines so don’t think of going against them.
  10. Link Building Campaigns
    It is a very universal practice amidst bloggers to start link trains in order to get more back links but this can be risky to your blog sometimes. Even many blogging kings like John Chow have been influenced by this too. It is favorable for you if you escape excessive link exchanging campaigns. Contact SEO India Company, Profit By Search for an effective link building campaign.


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