Target Organic Facebook Posts to Specific Audiences with Facebook’s Audience Optimization Tools

Social Media Giant, Facebook, recently introduced a new audience optimization tool that allows advertisers to target organic posts to their specific audiences. This tool has the ability to make posts more relevant in people’s news feeds that are being displayed to Facebook users may keep them engaged.

While making a Facebook post, users will soon get an option to add interest tags. Through these tags, Facebook will then prioritize the content in the news feeds of the people who share same interests and tastes.

Social media giant stated that there is a slight difference between this new audience optimization tool and the existing Interest Targeting feature, which doesn’t restrict the post’s reach unless stopped by the user.

Talking more about this new development, one of the Facebook’s staff members stated, “You can exclude sub-sections of your audience from seeing certain posts if that’s how you want to target them. For example, if you’re going to publish something that would only be relevant to your local area, you can exclude non-locals from seeing it. In addition to location, you can also restrict posts based on language, age, or gender.”

This feature comes along with new audience insight capabilities and allows advertisers to check the performance of the post with breakdowns of total reach by interest tag. The data received from the reach and engagement metrics for each interest tag can help advertisers in targeting the right audience for their future posts. Plus, it can also help in knowing the segments of the audience that one might have not ever thought to engage with.

Adding to the statement, the representative stated, “The variety and amount of content available to people is growing, so having more information about who is likely to be interested in your content helps us get your posts to the people who will care about them most.”

Here the following steps that can help individuals in enabling the tool before accessing it.

  • Go to your Page.
  • Click ‘Settings’ in the top right hand corner.
  • Click ‘General’ in the tab column on the left side of the page.
  • Find the row labeled ‘Audience Optimization for Posts’ in the middle of the page and click ‘Edit.’.
  • Check off the box that allows you to begin using the feature.

The Audience Optimization tool will be available for English language pages pretty soon through the page post composer, graph API, third-party publishing tools, and Instant Articles.



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