Portfolio Bid Strategies Introduced by Google in AdWords Automated Bidding

Search engine giant’s AdWords Automated Bidding gets an overhaul and has added with portfolio bidding strategies. This will help the advertisers in setting different CPA targets at the ad group level within the same bid strategy.

Recently, Google has announced that they are now revamping AdWords automated bidding. Some of these changes will be semantic, but the workflow is also getting an update

Here are the naming changes:

  • The flexible strategies will now be called “portfolio” bid strategies. This change indicates that in some cases a single strategy can be fully applied across multiple campaigns, ad groups and keywords.
  • Strategy for a single campaign will now be known as a “standard” bid strategy.
  • Target CPA is the new name for Conversion Optimizer that will be used for all the new bid strategies for simplifying the nomenclature. The Target CPA can still be applied as a “standard” or a “portfolio” bid strategy.


Following are the functionality updates of the Google AdWords:

  • Advertisers will now be able to create or add the bidding strategies from their Campaign Setting tab without diving into Shared Library.
  • Portfolio bid strategies for Target CPA will now have different CPA goals for separate ad groups. One of the examples of this update is, “If you’re a clothing retailer with multiple ‘Accessories’ ad groups in a bidding portfolio, you may want to set a lower CPA target for ‘Socks’ compared to other product categories with higher average order value.”


These portfolio bid strategies can’t be applied to video or universal app campaigns.

Back in December, search engine giant, Google introduced new reporting features for automated bidding. All these updates will be reflected in the users’ accounts in the upcoming few weeks.



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