Now Auction Insights & Opportunities Tab to be dropped by Bing from Bing Ads Intelligence

Bing recently dropped two features from its own Bing Ads Intelligence, but they will be present in the web based user interface.

Recently, Bing made an announcement that they are eradicating two features from Bing Ads Intelligence. The two features that advertisers will not be noticing from the New Year are Auction Insights and the Opportunities tabs.

Though being dropped from Bing’s Ads Intelligence, these features will still be present and available within the Bing Ads web user interface.

Advertisers can track Auction Insights feature in the “Details” drop-down menu in the Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords tabs. They can also export them. Here is the picture showing Auction Insights in Details menu.


While Broad Match Opportunities can be found in the “Opportunities” in Bing Ads web based user interface.


For those looking for more information about these changes can visit Bing’s official blog.



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