Google now displaying additional search filters for local search results on mobile

A few days back, Google confirmed that they have rolled out an update for their mobile search results.  Now, if any user’s search query has local intent, and it shows up the “3-pack” or “local pack” in the search results, then search engine giant might offer users additional search filters for that query.

Below is an example for search la bella. Here Google has provided additional filters option to show results “within 5 miles,” or “open now,” or “top rated,” or even more. Moreover, depending on the location of the searcher, one might see “pizza”, “hair salon” and other options. These search filters on the local pack provide searchers additional dynamic filters based on the query, searcher’s location and their history.

Here is the screen shot for the search “la bella” from iPhone, which shows the filter bubbles below the map, but above the listings.




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