Google Introduces a New Dashboard for Easy Management of My Business Listing Directly from Search Results

Search engine giant, Google has recently introduced a new dashboard on its search result pages for making it easier to manage and edit Google My Business Listing. This new dashboard was being tested by Google back in July 2017, and finally the feature is out from its nutshell.

What business owners need to do now is they simply need to sign in into their Google account, find their business on Google Search, and they will be able to manage their listing similarly as if they were doing on the GMB interface. A new menu will appear right above the search results, allowing business owners to directly edit the fields of their business listings right from the search console.

Talking more about this new feature, one of the Google’s representatives said, “All you need to do is find your business on Google Search, and you can complete and enhance your listing, share photos and posts related to your business, and see how many views you’re getting.”

Here is the list of things that business owners can do directly from the Google search results:

  • Add or update business information, post updated hours, etc.
  • Post latest news about your business on Google to keep your customers engaged
  • Share photos and improve user experience like never before
  • Get insights of your listing in real-time, along with easily access to detailed information about your listing’s performance
  • Achieve instant notifications when any user uploads photos of your business
  • Improvise your business listing by completing the most important actions instantly

Now many may be thinking why it is important to keep an updated and accurate Google My Business listing?

Let’s delve in why it is important to have an accurate Google My Business Listing, based on stats provided by the Google:

  • As per Google, more than 80% individuals use Google web search for finding local information
  • Businesses having accurate and complete Google My Business Listing are twice as likely to gain customers trust, with 38% more likely to attract in-store visits, while 29% more likely to see a purchase

Check the below screenshot for both desktop and mobile:

desktop and mobile



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