Bing Launches New Educational-Themed Search Results for Teachers and Students

Bing has recently introduced a number of new search features to boost the education searches that aim at helping students and teachers learn new concepts of math and science in an interactive way. Their newly incorporated education searches cover wide range of topics including molecules, constellations, citations and royal ancestries. The search engine has also introduced games like “World of Word” and “Rubik’s Cube solver” into its search results.

Here’s the list of the educational searches that Bing has incorporated in its search results:

Constellation Searches: In search results for word “constellations” and constellation names, the search engine will display interactive view of constellation in their top results. The search engine will also display the position of stars in horizon using location technology.


Molecule Searches: Now, Bing users can find the 2-D structure of molecules for any of their query. Searches for molecules like “methane, c4h2 molecule or h2o molar mass” will display the interactive 2-D view of the molecules in their top results.


Ancestral Family Tree Searches: With this newly introduced feature users can find the ancestral family tree of prominent families of the world. For example, if users search for “Queen Elizabeth II family tree” they will get interactive ancestral family tree at the top of search results.


World of Words Game: The search engine has also introduced a word game named “World of Words”. With this game people can find interactive results at the top for searches like “words that start with a” and as complex as “words containing b and end with k”.


Citations Results: To help students and research scholars, Bing has developed a citation search that displays the major citation sources at the top of results. Search for “APA citation book” results as shown in the picture below:


Rubik’s Cube solver: Bing has introduced a virtual Rubik’s Cube game for their users. If users search with “Rubik’s Cube”, they will get the interactive Rubik’s Cube at the top of results. Here, users can play the game and also get the few steps solutions to solve the Rubik’s Cube.


Besides their recent educational tools, the search engine has also launched a periodic table in query results, apart from it a geometry calculator and an interactive times table were introduced earlier this year.



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