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Complete the form below or call us on US (Toll Free) +1-888-322-7617 USA: 646-688-5525 | UK: +44-161-870-6437 | AU: +61-261-452-356 | India: +91 (0)1204338720

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    • A quality SEO company offers following:-
      Does not offer Guarantees- This is tough for one to swallow, but with Google changing their algorithms constantly, there are no guarantees in SEO.
      Upfront about length of time- It takes at least 3 months to get a really good ranking in the search engines. A good SEO company should set that expectation up in the beginning. Good and clean SEO takes time.
      Carefully picks out keywords- Keyword research is vital in getting a return on investment with SEO. If no one is searching for your keyword phrase, you will not get business from searches. Your SEO Company should help guide you in picking keywords that actually have search volume.
      I hope this helps in your decision making process while choosing a SEO company for your business.

    • Yes, we are a Google certified entity. Feel free to look at our Google verified credentials, nature of business we have catered to through our PPC services and the countries we have serviced here at;idtf=011674667753132401407.
      Besides this, PBS’s team of Google analytics professionals carry out the Google Analytics Implementation and Data Analysis after discerning client’s business to generate the desired ROI for them.

    • As link building is crucial in getting good links to the website and boosting its ranking on search engines, link removal helps you to get rid of bad links which bogs down the ranking of a website. Once a website is tagged for unnatural links, their rankings on search engine pages, shows a dramatic decline and it can be drastic if not pinned down and removed at the right time.

      Our link removal experts are proficient in dealing with the bad links. We have a properly designed process in place to identify unnatural links or spam links that are pointed to your website, and starts the process to remove as soon as possible. Our recovery experts check your website for any issues with unnatural links or spam links can correct or remove it before it plays an important role in the decline of the ranking. We make sure that all the bad links are removed and your website is again ready for optimization process on major search engine channels. So, in a way it removes the hurdles that might be stopping your website to achieve higher rankings.

    • Long Tail Keywords simply means the common set of words that a user enters to conduct a search. For example, if one wants to search about repairing laptop, his/her keywords would be “Repair Laptop”. While in long tail keywords, the keywords would be “how to repair a laptop”.

    • A 301 redirect lets the search engine spiders about a page that has already been moved permanently to another location. It guarantees no more ‘dead’ or non-working, active links exist on a page in your site.

  • Will the optimization program include an analysis of my site’s design, navigation, coding, content and incoming links?

    • A good SEO firm will be able to provide you with recommendations on improving other areas of your site that either affects search engine placement or the site visitor’s experience which sometime includes graphical design and etc. All though, site design i.e. layout and graphics has no bearing on proper search engine optimization, but site coding, content and incoming/outgoing links do and all is taken care with us.

    • Info-graphics are more engaging and popular way of putting your piece of information or a communication in front of the web users in a more engaging and stimulating way. As picture attracts more and quicker attention than a long description which makes info-graphics a quick attention grabber, thus encourages more surfers to visit the page and go through the information.
      The info-graphics can be easily re-posted which provides a link to the site, thus is a great helping hand in the SEO efforts to gain better ranking. As the info-graphics can be easily embedded, it makes it easy for more people to share with others on their piece of information, which in turns devise a high probability of getting more relevant links for your website.

      It’s really easy to attract more people who want to share your info-graphics on their own blog providing much better probability to get relevant link and traffic.
      As pictures are better equipped to get more shares than a wordy description, thus info-graphics have a much better probability to go viral and gather tremendous response on the web. The best thing about info-graphics is that it breaks a lengthy piece of information into smaller fragments, thus more likely to get better response from the web audiences. We, at Profit By Search have been utilizing this tool to let the business get more visitors to their websites and have better traffic gain better ranking in search engines.

    • To start with, we do not go for over the top promises but we chalk out strategies by first and foremost taking into consideration your goals and then aligning it with our objectives to set up a mutually beneficial relationship. The PPC management projects are handled by experts who coordinate closely with clients whether it is the matter of keyword selection or ad creation and submit reports at regular intervals to keep clients updated with the ongoing status of the project. As a result oriented company, we do not blow our own trumpet but rather let the results speak for themselves. Please go through our previous projects and read the testimonials for more clarity.

    • Each search engines index different sites at diverse times. It could take minutes or even weeks, depending on your site.

    • As a top SEO and marketing agency, we are familiar with the Panda and Penguin updates; however, there are also other Google search algorithm updates that we have knowledge of. These include the 7 Result SERPs, DMCA Penalties, Link Warnings, Exact Match Domain update, the Knowledge Graph, and numerous others. All our SEO experts can easily make you understand what these updates did and why they matter.

    • Well, the answer is yes. Older domains are considered to be more trustworthy as compared to the new ones. But, it is considered trustworthy only if it has not been penalized, blacklisted or banned from the search engines ever.

    • Google AdWords is an endeavor of Google which rules the sphere of sponsored search placement. With Google AdWords, business owners can create ads choosing their specific keywords and publish them on Google and its other partner websites as well as content network. These advertisements go live in a few minutes on a number of sites like Ask Jeeves, AOL, The New York Times, Food,,, etc.

    • In the online era, most people before approaching to a retailer or service provider like to check the credibility of the business first. Good and positive online presence can help to get you the business but a bad representation will tarnish your image and also the potential customer will like to move on to better options. Thus, you can say that your online image or reputation can be decisive in giving you further business.

      While your reputation management practices act like an anti-virus, filtering all the negative content about your business from the web whether it’s negative comments, negative social media posts, false reviews, negative feedback from other social media channels or any sort of onslaught on your business. Effective Reputation management will push down negative search results that might be coming for your business search results, they use tools to create and preserve the positive image. Online reputation management also strategies to improve online reputation, formulate new ways to enhance the customer satisfaction, thus helping to gain new customers as well.

  • Are there any mobile-specific tactics that I can use to help mobile search ranking for my site?

    • Google announced that the site speed will be an important ranking factor. The announcement mentioned two common mobile configuration mistakes that site owners should be caring of:
      • Faulty redirects — Here a page redirects a user to a generic mobile-optimized page, rather than a mobile-optimized version of the specific page they were searching for.
      • Smartphone-only error — In this, a mobile user is served with an error page from a search, instead of the page they were looking for.
      After addressing these two issues, you can explore Google’s comprehensive list of recommendations for webmasters who want to optimize for mobile.

    • XML stands for Extensible markup language. This is mainly used in a website to let the search engine know all of our web pages from a single file. This is created primarily for search engines for a better indexing and crawling of our website.

    • Try a combination of both for directing maximum traffic to your website. However, the primary and secondary roles of the methods should be determined as per the nature of your services or products and the business goals. Our experienced team is here to help you out in taking the right decision after they have assessed the nature of your business, analysed the methods of your rivals and selected the keywords that will be most effective in promoting your site.

    • Hello Rajesh,
      Thanks for your query.

      In order to get desired results for our clients, we follow white hat SEO practices which are in line with Google guidelines. Optimization of websites are broadly classified into two categories, on-page and off-page optimization.

    • As it’s a long time that we have been in business, therefore, we have numerous active clients. However, our clientele is full of clients who are with us since our inception. Moreover, as far as our “client retention rate” is concerned, first of all, we try to the fullest to get desired results for our clients; still if few clients are not happy, we go out of the ways just to ensure maximum and satisfactory ROI for them.

    • Page Titles defines what a particular URL contains for the search engines, while Meta Description helps browsers understand what your site’s pages are about. It is a great method to ensure better visibility on Google search results.

    • Price of keyword is directly proportional to its popularity; in other words, higher the frequency of the search with the keyword higher will be its price. There is a bidding system followed by search engines in which there is certain lower price at which the bidding starts and as the competition increases, so does the price. Generally, high bid results in increased appearance of your ad.

    • Search Engine Optimizers utilize a marketing strategy to consider how various search engines work, what their audience is, what motivates and interests their audience to best align a company to get the highest rank in a search.

    • No, there are no such specific number of backlinks you need. You can get backlinks from popular and reputable sites by creating relationships and unique content.

    • It’s important to be very clear with this specific requirement. We right now, are totally dedicated to deliver search engine compatible content. Search engines are rewarding companies for getting quality content coming from them. All the old link-building tactics are going away, and search engines want to reward the trusted sources for information.

    • The campaign starts with selecting keywords that you regard as most relevant to your product or service. For selecting these keywords, the PPC team at Profit By Search prepares an ad for the marketing of your offering. This ad will be displayed every time any user makes the search using the said keywords. The payment will be made by you every time the advertisement is clicked and user is directed to your website. The amount payable by you depends on the pre-set maximum bid or as per the terms of contact. If you believe that this is an easy process then think again because PPC campaign management is a work of professionals and should not be tried without assistance.

    • Local business listing not only validates the business on the web but it also helps the business to be on the top of the search results. Adding your business to the local business directories means you are increasing the visibility, traffic for your business in a minimal cost. Listing a business and claiming it, means you are adding business-specific details, logo, video presentations in the relevant keywords and categories, means you are optimizing your business for the category which is relevant to your business and help to find your business on the web.

      When someone searches for a business in your location with the phrases matching your business key words or category, your business will be in the search results, which provides probability for the person to visit your business page. That’s how you can have one more prospective customer, while increasing the traffic for the website. A lot of local business directories also allow business owners to add a link to their website, these back links are used by search engines to determine the authority of your business on the web.

      Thus, local listing doesn’t only give credibility to your business but also plays a key role in search engine optimization.

    • If you have searched for this question and landed here, you already have your answer.
      You can add certain keywords in FAQ of your company and it will help in getting the site ranked better on search engines.

    • Advertising offers several benefits, and when it’s online marketing, there are numerous benefits including the following:-
      • Targeting- Targeting is the ability to show your ad to people with very specific interests namely, people who are interested in your products and services. Unlike other types of advertising which put you on a search for potential customers, online targeting lets potential customers search for you.

      • Know what works for business- Online advertising lets you keep a track of your success. If someone clicked your ad, you’ll know. If they clicked your ad and then did something valuable to your business like purchased your product, downloaded your app, or phoned in an order, you can track that, too. By seeing which ads get clicks and which ones don’t, you’ll also quickly see where to invest in your campaign. That, in turn, can boost the ROI.

      • Changes for the better- Online ads give you valuable data. With the help of some analytical tools, you can learn about your customer’s shopping habits – how long, for instance, they tend to research your product before they buy. Now it’s very important as with regular access to this kind of data, you can tweak your ads for the better. And you can change them as often as you’d like.

      • Budget control- There’s no minimum, thus, online advertising gives you control over how you spend your money. And you can choose how much you spend per month, per day, and per ad. You’ll only pay when someone clicks your ad.

    • SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Pages. Basically they are the search results you receive when doing a search at a search engine.

    • It’s very important to get the basic cleared first and foremost; therefore this question is a smart one. In view of the an all-encompassing dominance of Search Engines and Websites PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising has emerged as the most potent and rewarding method of online advertising. Under this method, advertisers need to pay only when their advertisements are clicked on. PPC is a favourite of value conscious entrepreneurs of the digital world as it is a cost efficient way of generating quality traffic to their website.

    • The importance of keywords is that they help in getting good ranking in search engine as the result depends on the phrase or words users enter while searching for something.

      Usage of keywords:
      Keywords placed near the top of the document get higher value than ones residing near the bottom. By top or bottom, we mean the source of the HTML document, not its visual appearance.

    • Link building is not the sole process that can upscale your website’s ranking on search engines but it’s an effective tool that makes the business credible as well as ready to rank better. Link building is actually any process that helps to acquire more links pointing to your website that may be prospecting & outreach or guest blog posts or any other process that can work. Every link that points to your website is assuring the authority of your business as an authentic one.

      But every link doesn’t carry the same weight, links which are relevant ones and come from high quality sources that have more visitors hold better value than those one from the sources which are neither relevant to your business nor have good visitor density. To conclude it, 100 links from quality and relevant sources are more valuable than 1000 from less relevant or irrelevant sources. So, more relevant links from quality sources definitely are key in making your website a more credible and popular one.

    • White hat SEO means using ethical, safe practices recommended by the search engines. On the other hand, if Google finds out you’re using black hat SEO, they’ll penalize your website by either kicking your site to the bottom of the results or remove your site from their directory altogether.

    • That’s the wisest query, advertising offers several benefits, but the biggest is targeting. Targeting is the ability to show your ad to people with very specific interests, namely, people who are interested in your products and services.
      Secondly, there are few other types of advertising as well, that put you onto a search for potential customers. Online targeting lets potential customers search for you.
      Thirdly, some other choices you have with online ads that can make your marketing campaign even more precise:
      • Age, location, and language of your audience
      • Days, times, and frequency your ad should and shouldn’t show
      • Ad location (commercial sites, personal sites, search engines)
      • Terms people use to search for products and services
      Targeting your ads this way will further refine your campaign, and help you weed out people who you know aren’t likely to need what you offer.

    • There are several methods that will let you measure the success or failure of an SEO campaign. The glaring and obvious one being the ranking of your website as per the key search terms. However the major aspect that should be measured to determine the triumph of SEO efforts is the quantity and quality of sales leads generated by the campaign. The utility and success of an SEO campaign is neither a blink on an eye matter but nor it is a slow one; basically it’s a gradual process that takes reasonable amount of time to generate favourable results. Therefore, a word of caution it would be unfair and futile to expect immediate results, no matter what a company promises you. Remember there are no short cuts to success!

    • Google crawls all the sites frequently and periodically uses ‘spider bots’. The bots read your pages and help Google list the sites and the associated pages.

    • While both the terms are determined towards achieving a single goal, high website rankings on search engines, they both differ from each other based on their techniques. SEO refers to the process of using on and off page techniques to get your web pages ranked for your chosen keywords. SEM takes it a step further and use paid search engine listings and paid inclusion.

    • Page Rank is a number that has been distributed by Google for each and every Webpage. This number ranges from 0 to 10. The Page Rank is calculated by an Algorithm used by Google Web Search Engine. PR of a web page is based on the number of back links that received one webpage from other high PR webpage.
      Let me first explain the calculation behind page rank. Google says that page rank calculation formula has more than 2 lakhs variables. However, following things are the main factor,
      1) Internal Back Links
      2) External Back Links
      3) Domain Age
      Apart from this, number of visits, bounce rate, CTR etc. may be the important factors in calculating the page rank. Page rank is just a metric from Google which defines the quality of the page. Moreover, we do have many other targets like keyword position, quality traffic and conversions.

    • Glad that this question is raised, Profit By Search firmly believes that action speaks louder than words. Instead of promising unreasonable results, here, a transparent work methodology is adopted where clients are kept well-informed about all ranking activities through regular and detailed reports. So, you can say an honest approach and work ethic is the secret formula behind the efficacy of the offered services. Aside from this, ingenious link building strategies and complete compatibility with SEO practices approved by major search engines help, PBS is living up to the expectations of its clients.

    • White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a form of SEO in which guidelines and accepted standards are followed to get the ranking of a website in accordance to leading search engines such as, Bing, and many more. Every search engine has its own policies to keep a tab on web spammers or black hat SEOs which may provide result instantly but will get the website blacklisted on search engines too.

    • The keyword research stage will have the biggest impact on the amount of increased website traffic you experience. You have to know what the public is searching for and how they are searching in order to capitalize on potential traffic and profits.
      In depth, keyword phrase expansion and analysis should always be at the forefront of any successful SEO campaign. What good is an SEO campaign if the campaign is targeting the wrong keywords?

    • SEO is a big process to optimize your brand and business for better visibility, increased traffic and up-scaled SERP ranking on popular search engines. While PPC is a great catalyst which not only helps to bring in more visitors to the website but also gives a sure shot value for every buck you are planning to spend. With PPC, you’re paying for an actual result, a click as you pay only when someone clicks your ad. You’re only paying to the PPC service provider each time someone clicks a link pointing to your web site. So you are paying for every hit you are getting for your web site. SEO is a great way to have a healthy presence on the web but PPC compliments it for faster results, but PPC alone can’t do wonders alone. That’s why it’s always recommended to have PPC campaigns with the SEO to make a bigger impact faster.

    • SEO is a set of specialized techniques that are used to optimize your Website, so that your Website is Search Engine friendly. This increases your chances of placing well in search results; therefore, increasing your chances of getting more people to visit your Website.

    • Yes it does. Especially, when it comes to country level domains like “.fr”, “.de” or “.es” – If you want to get local results in respective countries, you have to use preferably a country domain to get a small advantage. In SEO industry, we assume that “.edu” and “.gov” domains are more trusted by Google and get more back links.
      The main thing is that how your customers are going to explore your site. If they are going to access your company name by typing in URL bar and hit enter, then getting the .com domain is a must. But if you brand your site with the .net, .us or else and get people used to using that, it won’t matter. Another solution is to use the TLD (top level domain) as part of your entire business name.
      Another thought; if you have a domain name like “.com”- it’s perfect as most of the people believe that, “.com” is the only domain that a person assumes while typing. In fact, “.com” domains are very popular; however, there are lots of businesses which use other top-level domains without a problem.
      The conclusion is that website domain should be one that is memorable, easy to spell, and catchy, it doesn’t matter what TLD it is.

    • Profit By Search believes in equipping its whole team of talented and experienced marketing consultants and content writers at your service. You must know that the moment you hire us as your internet marketing expert, at least 10 of our employees start working on the strategies that bring your website’s ranking on the top. You are constantly updated with the developments of the project by our team’s manager.

    • Google checks for new updates whenever it feels like and there are regular updates in its search analysis algorithm which makes it more competitive to keep your website ranking on the top page. Google needs minutes to weeks, depending on your site to index it or new content appearing on it. Without SEO, it might even take forever.

    • SEO is all about making a business more searched, more visited and ultimately more popular. Whether it’s about utilizing the targeted keywords in the web content, meta-tag management and utilizing other page title tools we do all to make your website more acceptable for the search engine crawlers for a better probability of up-scaled search engine ranking. This was more of a technical aspect, an SEO company can boost your web site visibility with a number of off page and on page activities. An on-page SEO onslaught is like detailed keyword research and testing, updating meta description tags, comprehensive interlinking strategies, to mention a few.

      Then comes Advanced Off-Page SEO Strategies which make use of social media channels, Blog posting, article and PR submissions, social bookmarking, business listing and not to forget the sure fire PPC campaigns. All these activities and many more are result oriented tool to promote your website, get ranked in search engines, craft a great online reputation which makes a business, a brand and creates an engaging brand culture.

    • Everything that takes time, resources and work are expensive. Why is a brick and mortar store expensive? Because, it takes a lot of time, resources and work to build them. Your website is just another portal for you to do business. Besides SEO makes your website actually earn money while setting up website and designing it by it. So, at the end of the day, SEO earns more money that it takes. Also remember that SEO is not just like a house or car. It’s more like a shop or a hotel when it comes to the house metaphor and it’s more like a car race when it comes to the car metaphor.

    • SEO is not a packaged product with a fixed maximum retail price, so this question is like asking how much does a pizza cost, naturally its depends upon the size you ordered and the toppings, layers of cheese, etc. In other words, costing of SEO is determined by a number of factors like whether you are opting for the services on a contractual basis or per project basis. Efforts vary depending on how much you want to outdistance your competitors and how strongly positioned your competitors, how many high stable rankings you aim for and last but the most important determinant is the proficiency and experience of your SEO specialist.

      Do not get trapped by charlatans who promise highest ranking at cheap prices. Remember that a professional organization will give you a detailed account of its services including the cost involved instead of making mindless promises.

    • Of course you can do the SEO yourself but only if you are experienced enough. One can also do the plumbing at home but a professional work, at the end, is professional work. What you actually require is someone who can share the load of your business marketing by applying his/her years of expertise into it. Profit By Search never doubts your credibility in handling your own marketing campaigns but imagine how much time you can save on other tasks your business require, by simply hiring us to do it for you, quite affordably.

    • Now this is something that’s equally interesting and important. Whenever opting for any SEO company; evaluating it upon following points is a must.
      1. Their past record and proof of good work-do check the work experience by taking few references.
      2. Reviews and testimonials by their clients-ensure to go through the user verdicts before taking any decision.
      3. How they commit ROI
      4. How they acquire back links- Back link is a sort of vote to your website but having the same through blog commenting, excessive link exchange tends to impact the website negatively. So the back links should look natural rather than artificially created links solely to pass page rank.
      5. Do they work as per Google’s webmaster guidelines?-it’s mandatory to concentrate upon this factor as at the end Google is the “boss”.
      6. What processes they follow to acquire links in post penguin era-how they have upgraded their methods to save client rankings after this Google update.
      7. Will they analyse your website and competitor’s website as well so that they can make a concrete plan to improve visibility of your website.
      8. Ask them list of off page and on page activities they will work. This will give an overview of the quality of work.
      9. Always ensure they don’t follow spammed or black hat methods to rank well….
      10. For how many keywords they commit u ranking- More number of keywords on first page is surely going to have a better traffic and brand awareness as well. So one must check upon how many keyword an SEO company is going to work for you. Also the keywords should be mix of generic and long tail that will help you drive traffic to your website in a better way…
      11. Do they commit a better traffic in due course?-this is the most important factor that one should concentrate as the time promised by any SEO company reflects their authentic nature and calibre.

    • SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is done to get the ranking of your website higher in the search engines.

    • It completely depends on the Keywords. However, mostly it takes at least of three months time to come up with satisfying results.

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