A Day in the Life of an SEO Consultant

Almost everyone’s lifestyle changes, when he/she starts working as an SEO consultant. Google becomes your 2nd better-half (if you are married), you begin to see world differently, your way of communication changes, and you think of reaching the top wherever you are.

If you think we are joking, then let’s have a look in a daily life of an SEO consultant:

1) Waking Up

As an SEO consultant, you wake up full with hopes and focus on obtaining great results by the end of the day.

1-Waking Up

2) Breakfast

After a little warmup, you prepare a tasty breakfast with a combination of Google search, and perfect ingredients (if you are still single) that keeps you energized all day long.


3) On the way to office

While on your way to office, you are delighted to see that your work is actually meaningful for people around you.

3-On the way to office

4) Start of Every Work Day

As an SEO consultant, you daily work-life starts with finding keywords ranking, which gives insight to plan your SEO activities for the day.

4-Start of Every Work Day

5) SEO Expectations

An SEO consultant is content-focused on inside, while looks stunning outside.

5-SEO Expectations

6) Client Meetings

Meetings are relaxing and fruitful for SEO consultants when the clients are open minded. Moreover, you get new ideas when clients come up with some challenging requirements.

6-Client Meetings

7) Link Creation

After all the meetings, some work needs to be done, and link creation gets the task done right away.

7-Link Creation

8) SEO Mentors

Hopefully, SEO industry has some great mentors always patting your back for your everyday SEO tasks.

8-SEO Mentors

9) Back to Home

Though you are physically at home, but your mind is still in SEO dilemma. Moreover, you have so much extra time working as an SEO that your beloved ones never complain you about anything.

9-Back to Home

10) SEO Advocacy

Seriously, you get so much time to spend with your children that you can easily explain them about your work, and inspire them in every choice they make in their lives. What’s more interesting is that after so much inspiration they might try to follow your footsteps.

10-SEO Advocacy

11) SEO Birthday Gifts

When you are friend with SEO consultants, gifts are sure to spellbind you.

11-SEO Birthday Gifts

12) Unique Insights

Whether you are watching TV or reading novels, you consider even the minute details that other may ever encounter.

12-Unique Insights

13) Animal Lover

By now, you are sure to be in deep love with animals than anyone else.

13-Animal Lover

14) Understanding True Value

Working as an SEO consultant, you have now learned to put value to things, and can even find answers for philosophical questions.

14-Understanding True Value

15) Job Stability

Last but not the least, the great thing about SEO is that till Google is on, you don’t need to give a clue about leaving your job.

15-Job Stability

So, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, stop it right away and kick start your career as an SEO Consultant India!



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