How To Optimize A Dynamic Website

Internet is all about traffic. More the traffic, more are the chances of generating maximum revenues. Websites, which are the basic building blocks of Internet, are always looking to optimize traffic, and become more profitable. Search engines have proved again and again as the best and easiest way to generate more traffic, as compared to other resources. In lay man terms, if a website is appearing in the top 10 search results for a particular keyword, then that website has certainly been optimized for better and more traffic.

In case a website is a static one, that is built entirely of web-pages and links which are interconnected, then the process of bringing it into the first page of the search result isn’t quite tough. The problem always lies with the dynamic websites. Dynamic websites, as the name suggests are those websites which produce web-pages and URLs dynamically. Thus, when the user of a particular dynamic website initiates a particular event, then based on the instance, a new page will be generated. The content for this new page will be extracted from the database, and the URL will be created just then. This is the reason, a dynamic website is often referred as database driven website.

Among various factors, one of the reason for poor search engine optimization of dynamic websites is the URL. The dynamic websites are always great in appearance, with excellent features and interactive units. But, the search engine isn’t robust yet to appreciate that. The crawler or the mechanism through which a SE (search engine)�locates and ranks a website depends on several factors, which include the URL. Now, the dynamic websites, where URLs and web-pages are created on the go, there are several special characters and symbols which are automatically generated from the database. The SE is not able to identify these, and often ignore such good websites.

As you can see, dynamic website optimization, which is the process of elevating the search results for a dynamic websites in the SE, is really tough and difficult to achieve. However, proper planning and execution of the best methodologies can make a difference. Dynamic websites can be effectively optimized to produce the best results in the SE.

Here are the top four methods through which a dynamic website can be successfully optimized:

  1. URL Rewriting: One of the popular methods of dynamic website optimization is the option to rewrite the URL into search engine friendly version. There are many software and tools available which can effectively do so
  2. Static Sitemap Page: Webmasters can create a static sitemap, which contains the URLs of all dynamically created web-pages. Once such a static sitemap has been generated, this can be submitted to directories and various search engines for better optimization.
  3. Scripting Language: Selection of the scripting language for your dynamic website is very crucial. Scripting language should be such that it can seamlessly support and enhance the optimization of the dynamic website. CGI/Perl Scripts are classical examples of a good scripting language for a dynamic website. With this, the query part of the dynamically generated URL is saved into a variable. Thus, the special characters which are generated are converted to a search engine optimized format, which enables it to be searched and ranked easily.
  4. Selection of Web-servers: As with scripting language, the web server should be appropriately selected in order to optimize a dynamic website. Examples of such web-servers include Apache and ColdFusion. Both of these popular web-servers utilize great techniques for the dynamic websites, which makes them easily available on major search engines and thus, effectively optimize the website.

Besides these, there are various other methods through which a dynamic website can be optimized for better and more traffic. All that is required is a well researched and detailed plan, which should be followed rigorously. Need help optimizing your dynamic website? Contact SEO India Company, Profit By Search.


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