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2016 Top Google Searches: Pokémon Go & iPhone 7 Searched The Most

December 19, 2016

In their most prestigious global searches 2016 list, Pokémon Go got the top slot following iPhone 7 and Donald Trump. The American singer Prince’s sudden demise and craze of Powerball boosted their presence in search ranking and respectively got fourth and fifth position in the list.

Google lately released search trends for 2016 in nine categories from overall searches ranking to the most searched people and news trends.

The Google’s top 10 popular searches are the mix of technology trends, famous personalities, top movies, and events.

Here are the top 10 popular searches of 2016:

1              Pokémon Go
2              iPhone 7
3              Donald Trump
4              Prince
5              Powerball
6              David Bowie
7              Deadpool
8              Olympics
10           Suicide Squad

US presidential candidates Trump and Clinton were on the top two slots of most searched people in 2016. Another US politician, Bernie Sanders managed his name at sixth position of the list. Apart from these politicians, three prominent Olympians also made their presence in the list, including Michael Phelps, Simone Biles and Ryan Lochte.

People. Global. 2016

1              Donald Trump
2              Hillary Clinton
3              Michael Phelps
4              Melania Trump
5              Simone Biles
6              Bernie Sanders
7              Steven Avery
8              Céline Dion
9              Ryan Lochte
10           Tom Hiddleston

US Election, Olympics and Brexit were the top three news stories searched on the Google in 2016.

Global News. Global. 2016

1              US Election
2              Olympics
3              Brexit
4              Orlando Shooting
5              Zika Virus
6              Panama Papers
7              Nice
8              Brussels
9              Dallas Shooting
10           熊本 地震 (Kumamoto Earthquake)

Movies, musicians, consumer trends, TV shows, global sporting events, and losses are a few other search trends of 2016 that Google has formatted and published. These lists can be easily embedded and shared, apart from it, you can also drill down into individual’s list to see how they trended on the search engine throughout the year.

Google has also shared “Years in Search” video that covers all the major happening of 2016.

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